They’ll picture you naked.

There's no formula for a great speech. That’s why The Oratory Laboratory never uses templates, lists of rules or recycled material.

And, unlike most media consultants and “masters” of public speaking, our process changes with every client. Every speech is written in your voice and built from real experience.

From writing to delivery we’ll work with you to discover and exploit your strengths, craft your stories and define your personal brand.

In an effort to save the world from bad speeches, Nathan Phillips and Victoria Wellman have written and consulted on presentations for major industry events, TED talks, product launches, commencement speeches and every social occasion you can imagine.

As individuals, they’ve written for various newspapers, won international advertising awards, performed in the US and Europe, exhibited work in major museums, published a book, fallen in love, married and had a beautiful baby named Louisiana. They live and work in Brooklyn, New York.

The Oratory Laboratory is based in New York City.

Our speechwriting, media training and creative services are available globally.

Please feel free to call us or send an email.

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